Blast - Basic Local Alignment Search Tool

There is BLAST (called legacy BLAST) and a newer BLAST+ from NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) and it can be confusing.
NCBI Homepage:

The program names and functions in blast and blast+ are quite different. See:

We have both installed on the cluster.

$ yum info blast
$ yum info ncbi-blast


Also called legacy blast, it is based on the NCBI C-toolkit.
These old versions can be found here:
Filenames are of the form: blast-#.#.#-CHIP-OS.tar.gz
Versions up to 2.2.26


Newer one based on the NCBI C++ toolkit.
All versions are found here:
The latest version is found here:
Filenames are of the form: ncbi-blast-#.#.#+-CHIP-OS.tar.gz
Versions from 2.2.18 onwards.

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