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Specific Software on the HPC

The pages under this section describe some of the disipline specific software installed on the cluster such as genomics or physics software.

Most software comes from prepackaged software for the Centos 8 distribution and the repository “Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux”.

A list of this installed software can be found by querying the DNF package manager: e.g. dnf list installed | grep software_name where software_name is what you are looking for such as “atlas” or “python”.

Details on a specific software package that is installed can similarly be found by querying the DNF package manager e.g. dnf info atlas.

You can search for available packages using dnf search software_name. For instance you could search for the word “sequence” or “alignment”. The search will also search in the package description field.

In addition eResearch has a small set of software compiled and installed by eResearch which is installed under /shared/opt.

For a more comprehensive list of the software install on this HPC see this Software List.