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See our training page here eResearch Training for any courses that we may be running.

Intersect Australia also run courses, some of which are hosted at UTS. Also NCI run training for HPC environments and HPC computing a few times a year. Contact us for information

Some of the past courses that have been run are:

  • Intersect HPC for WIMPS: A two day introduction to HPC computing.
  • Intersect HPC for the CLUEy: A half day introduction to our HPC computing facilities for those with Command Line Unix Experience.
  • Intersect Advanced HPC: Parallel Programming for HPC (Advanced)
  • NCI: Programming with MPI
  • NCI: MPI Applications and Optimization

Check the Intersect training and NCI training pages for news on the next available courses.

Linux Commands

You will need to learn a dozen or so Linux/UNIX commands. Here are some external sites that have some good tutorials.

Linux command cheat sheet – This is a PDF that can be downloaded. Useful as a quick reference to the really useful Linux / UNIX commands.

UNIX Tutorial for Beginners – Eight simple tutorials from the University of Surrey which cover the basics of UNIX / Linux commands. This can be downloaded for offsite use and it’s licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Help for Vim

The editor that you will likely use on our HPC is vim. It’s a powerful text editor but if you have only used Windows Notepad or Word you will need some good tutorials.

Vim Commands Cheat Sheet – HTML format

The Vim Interactive Tutorial – One user has found this really useful. It’s like an online typing tutor.

Bash Shell Scripting

Finally once you have a few Linux commands under control you may wish to script them into a bash shell script.

Quick Bash Guide – A quick guide to writing scripts using the bash shell.

Short Bash Guide (also available as a PDF) and the Full Bash Guide

The Bash Guide – A quality-driven guide through the shell’s many features.

General UNIX Help

Unix crash course – This site is run by a bioinformatician so the UNIX crash course here uses examples of data processing which will be familiar to genomics researchers.