General Software on the HPCC

The pages under this section describe some of the software that you would use if you were writing or maintaining your own software; compilers, languages (such as C, C++, Fortran, Python, Perl, R) and utilities. You can install your own software in your home directory.

Software comes from prepackaged software for the Centos 8 distribution and the repository “Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux”.
In addition eResearch has its own repository of software compiled and installed by eResearch which is installed under /opt.

All installed software can be found by querying the yum package manager: dnf list installed | grep software_name where software_name is what you are looking for such as “blast” or “siesta”. You can search for available packages using dnf search software_name.

For a more comprehensive list of the software install on this HPCC see this Software List.

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