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HPC Home

This is the documentation for users of the eResearch High Performance Computing cluster (HPC).

This provides to UTS researchers:

  • compute resources for UTS researchers
  • a training or development site for larger HPC projects destined for NCI.

For information about NCI and other compute and data resources for UTS researchers see the eResearch site at

Access to the Cluster

The eResearch team will need to give you access. Simply email to introduce yourself and your requirements to us. Once you have access read the HPC Getting Started pages.

Cluster Hardware

The HPC consists of:

  • Thirteen nodes for compute, one node for login and a head node. There are also six private nodes in the cluster owned by researchers.
  • The number of cores in each node is 56. Total number of cores is a bit over 700.
  • Most cores have 384 GB of RAM but some have 1,500 GB for applications that require more memory. Total distributed memory is about 7.7 TB.
  • Some nodes contain dual Tesla V100 GPU processing units.
  • Most nodes have at least 3 TB and some have 6 TB of fast local attached disk.
  • 700 TB of Isilon storage shared with other eResearch infrastructure.

Acknowledging Use of the HPC

We would appreciate the following text or similar to be used for acknowledgement:

“Computational facilities were provided by the UTS eResearch High Performance Computer Cluster.”