PBS Manuals

You will find the full PBS manuals for the current version of PBS in this directory /shared/eresearch/pbs_manuals/ on the HPCC.

You will probably find that the “User Guide” is all you will really need.

Guide Filename Size
Admin Guide PBSAdmin Guide19.2.3.pdf 8.0M
Hooks Guide PBSHooks19.2.3.pdf 5.4M
Programming Guide PBSProgramGuide19.2.3.pdf 1.2M
Reference Guide PBSReferenceGuide19.2.3.pdf 4.8M
Release Notes PBSReleaseNotesBinary19.2.6.pdf 1.3M
User Guide PBSUserGuide19.2.3.pdf 2.7M

To download one of these manuals create a directory and copy the manual into your current directory. In the example below don’t forget the dot at the end. A “dot” is shorthand for the current directory that you are in.

$ mkdir pbs_manuals
$ cd pbs_manuals
$ cp /shared/eresearch/pbs_manuals/PBSUserGuide19.2.3.pdf .
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