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Reproducible Research

Reproducible Research (RR) is the practice of publishing all data, software source code, and tools required to reproduce the results discussed in a scientific paper.

This site hosts a blog, a “how to” and links about reproducible research. The following are a few of the software packages that could help you in doing RR.


Datalad is a python package which can be used for reproducible science. See Datalad Use Cases


“Recipy” is a python package that provides a simple method for saving metadata from python scripts. I have tried this out with a simple python script and it works well. It does not yet work for wrapping the builtin python file open/write methods – you have to write your own wrappers for that.

See Robin’s Blog Introducing recipy: effortless provenance tracking with Python and its Github site Here is a link to a Linux Journal article about recipy Recipy for Science by Joey Bernard on November 16, 2015.