Using the Intel Compilers

This describes how to use the IntelĀ® compilers. The compilers available on the cluster are the open source GNU Compiler Collection and the proprietary Intel compilers. The Intel compiler often compiles to a slightly faster executable as Intel knows more in-depth information about optimisation of code on its processors.

This table lists the compilers available.

Compiler The Intel Option The GNU Option
C Compiler icc gcc
C++ Compiler icpc g++
Fortran Compiler ifort gfortran

The GNU compilers are already on your PATH and ready to go. To use the Intel compiler you need to set a number of environment variables. To do that source the Intel supplied script with the following values for architecture and platform:

$ source /shared/opt/intel/compilers_and_libraries_2018/linux/bin/ intel64 

You will now find that your environment has been changed to use the Intel compilers:

$ which icc

$ which ifort

$ which icpc

To see what has been added to your environment run:

$ env | grep intel
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